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Howdy blog readers! Hope you are all well. This is the part of the trip that I´ve been looking forward to the most. Firstly because Jasen is due to arrive tomorrow and secondly we are going to see the Galapàgos Islands in the next couple of days.

Quito is at an altitude of about 3000 meters and coming from sea-level it has had an effect on both Neeta and I. The immediate feeling is dizziness, then nausea, then complete exhaustion after taking just a few steps. It takes a little getting used to but after a day it seems to subside.

Jasen´s had a hell of a time trying to get here, his flight was cancelled out of Houston due to bad weather so he wont be here until tomorrow morning now. As long as he gets here though, that´s all that counts. So what to say about Ecuador on first impressions? Nothing to scream home about really, Quito is a big city and like all big city´s has its nice parts and bad parts. We´re in the new town, but it´s the old town of Quito that is the main attraction. We probably wont get a chance to visit however until after we return from the Galapagos.

So morning arrives and I run up to Jasen´s room! It´s so weird seeing him after so long. He looks pretty much the same but is a bit chubbier :) It´s like we never left. It´s really weird, it doesn´t feel like we´ve been apart for over 3 months. Anyway, once all the hugs and chat is over we head down to breakfast where we meet our new best buddies, Camilla and Sara from Denmark. They´re going to be on our Galapagos trip with us for 5 days. Camilla and Sara have had a spot of bother with their luggage. It never arrived. We hope it gets to the airport before we leave for Galapagos. We have the briefing from our tour operator, Gap Adventures at 5pm so until then we decide to go into town to do a few chores, make telephone calls, do laundry etc. After the mundane stuff is done we all decide to get the cable car up to the mountain heights to get some good aerial views oif Quito. It´s a pretty clear day so there´s a lot of people waiting to get on the cable cars. Once we finally get on though the views are spectacular. I´ve never been on a cable car that goes so high before, by the end of the trip we´re at 4000 meters. We can really feel the altitude here, a few steps and you´re gasping for breath.

After we´ve had our fill of high altitude sightseeing we head back to the hotel and Jase and I indulge in one of our old traditions of KFC! We have a bite to eat, chat about the trip ahead then before you know it it´s time to be briefed on the timetable for the next 10 days. We´ll be starting by getting a flight from Quito to Baltra on the Galapagos where we´ll then meet our guide then be bussed over to our boat where we´ll be living for the next week. Should be fun, not looking forward to the rough sea though. Our Galapagos adventure is about to begin....

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I think you ended up doing pretty much exactly the same things in NZ as we did. Didn't make me any less jealous though that you are out there now. Speaking of which I don't think I want to read your next Galapagos post - I'll be green with envy!! Have wanted to go there for ages. Have fun.

by James

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